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Roland updates trigger range

Roland has introduced the RT-30 series, its latest generation of acoustic drum triggers. Improvements include a more streamlined design, easier setup, and compatibility with the latest drum hardware.

The RT-30 series gives drummers an easy solution for using their acoustic drums as triggers for a hybrid setup without incorporating additional pads

Logic Pro X update

Apple has released an upgrade for its Logic Pro X DAW.

Version 10.1 features some enhancements to the Drummer features and includes several new instruments and tools. The upgrade expands the appeal of Logic Pro to musicians producing electronic-based genres like EDM and Hip Hop, providing 10 specialised drummers and 20 new electronic kits.

Drumless beater launched

Triggera has launched its bix kick beater trigger.

Featuring a trigger sensor fitted inside a bass drum beater, the solution is touted as having “great response and dynamics”.

It can be used on any surface.

Drumdrops adds Gretsch 1960s

Drumdrops has released its Kontakt version of the Gretsch 1960s Round Badge Soul Kit with a special offer.

The first 10 packs will be free, the next 50 will be £30, the next 50 £40 and then it will go back to the retail price of £45.



Bauer’s KATalogue

Andy Bauer has played at all of the major US music festivals and at more than 30 international events. As Allan Leibowitz discovered, wherever he goes, he takes a trapKAT along.

Roland’s new One

Roland has upped the ante with its new entry-level kit which packs a big punch in a small package. digitalDrummer was among the first to test the new TD-1KV kit.

New @ NAMM

As the industry gathered in Anaheim for the annual music showcase, a number of new names appeared in the e-drum space. Catch all the news from NAMM.

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