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Pearl/SSD collab

Hot on the heels of the aD5 and the anticipated

Alesis Strike module, Steven Slate Drums and

Pearl announced a new drum brain at Summer

NAMM. We share what has been revealed so far.

A bigger KAT in the family

The KT4 moves up a notch into the domain of “high-end intermediate” kits, going head to head with the Yamaha DTX562K, Roland’s TD-

11KV-S and the Alesis Strike Zone. Read Scott Holder’s review.

Need an owner’s manual?

We’ve tracked ‘em down so you can find ‘em. Click here.

Roland sues Alesis

Roland Corporation Japan has alleged patent infringement by inMusic Brands, Inc. (Alesis) of eight U.S. patents relating to its electronic musical instruments. As a result, Roland has brought suit against the inMusic related to certain electronic drums and certain electronic cymbals as identified in the lawsuit details as filed on August 19, 2016.

XM sheds light

Taiwan’s XM eDrum has announced the launch of its Electron Series kits characterized by its LED lighting. The kits feature LEDs that can be programmed as background colours and flashing colours initiated by striking the pads.

New firmware for NFUZD

NFUZD Audio has released new firmware and a sound bank update for the NSPIRE module.

The v1.08 system update address a panning issue which came to light soon after the launch. It also attempts to improve responsiveness with a new velocity response for the snares in sound bank 3.


Nano Drum

The Nano Drum euro module gives you 4 trig-able polyphonic drumsounds and a global tune with CV input in a 4HP euromodule.