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Free content for DTX

Yamaha is offering samples of its flagship acoustic drum set, the PHX series, as downloads for DTX900 and DTX700 module owners.

The samples include four toms (10”, 12”, 14” floor tom and 16” floor tom), 22” bass drum and a 14” Maple snare drum.

Colin Richardson joins EZ2

Toontrack has released the Made of Metal EZX, recorded at Belgium’s Galaxy Studios, a recording facility crafted with unparalleled detail. The pack includes samples from four complete kits (DW, Mapex, Tama, Truth), produced by Colin Richardson, whose work has shaped hits from Slipknot, Machine Head, Carcass and many more.

VST Guide added

digitalDrummer has added a VST Guide to its growing list of compilations. The 64-page publication includes reviews of all the major VST offerings from the last five years - as well as John Emrich’s popular VST Q&A which addresses common problems with the applications.



Hail to the Queen

A music store competition kick-started a career which has included stints with Prince and Beyoncé. Queen Cora Dunham shares her story with digitalDrummer editor Allan Leibowitz.

Stand and deliver

The growing popularity of two-piece electronic hi-hats and of hybrids means that hi-hat stands are becoming more important to e-drummers. We spoke to the pros to find out about their weapons of choice.

What's up Dock?

Much to the surprise of a large army of naysayers, the first iPad-powered drum module is now available. digitalDrummer has been testing the Alesis DM Dock.

Need an owner’s manual?

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