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NAMM debuts

Interest in electronic percussion at the 2017 NAMM

Show was heightened by some new releases and product updates. Some of the products on show were anticipated, a couple were totally unexpected and a number of rumoured

releases failed to materialise.

Readers’ Choice winners

Congrats to Michael Schack, the e-drummer of the year. Other winners were the Roland TD-50 (e-drum product of the year - hardware), the Gen-16 Access Tool (e-drum software product of the year) and Sweetwater, drum-tec, Long & McQuade Andertons and GH Music, named top e-drum retailers in their respective markets.

Need an owner’s manual?

We’ve tracked ‘em down so you can find ‘em. Click here.

ATV opens Sound Store

ATV Corporation has opened its ATV SOUND STORE web service, offering additional instrument downloads for its aD5 module. ATV SOUND STORE will offer an increasing collection of diverse and distinctive drum and percussion sound instruments to augment the five kits in the module.

Toontrack adds 70s Rock

Toontrack has released a new The Seventies Rock EZX pack, reviving the sounds of

bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. The Seventies Rock EZX sets out to capture a broad musical scope – from the farthest end of epic, earth-shattering and reverberant down to classic, dampened and low-key.

XLN Audio launches Trigger

XLN Audio has announced the launch of the Addictive Trigger, which it claims is the world’s first intelligent drum replacer.

Features include Audio Fingerprint that accurately identifies drum hits and SuperStart that automatically provides suitable detection settings. The new Addictive Trigger + Drum Vault bundle comes with a selection of kit pieces from AD’s vast library.