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jamKAT tested

It’s been a couple of years since we saw the prototype jamKAT at NAMM, but it’s taken a few software and hardware incarnations to get it ready for market.

Now, the controller is available for sale, so it’s time to put it through its paces

Plenty of new gear

In this bumper issue, you can read about the latest product announcements including the new Roland TD-50 flagship, ATV's innovative aFrame instrument, improvements to the Versatrigger wireless trigger system and a revamped Gen16 Access Tool.

Need an owner’s manual?

We’ve tracked ‘em down so you can find ‘em. Click here.

Drumdrops goes disco

Drumdrops has released a Vintage Disco VST pack in Kontakt and BFD format.The packs feature a 70s Rogers Big R Kit which tuned for the perfect disco sound. The Kit was recorded at the Ironworks studio in Brighton, UK (Mike Pelanconi's studio).

New Simmons monitors

Simmons has launched its new Simmons DA350 portable monitor system for e-drums.

The Simmons DA350 is a powerful, portable, fully contained system that delivers performance ready Simmons sound for your electronic drum kit. With a full 350 W of Class-D power (1,100 W peak), the DA350's 10" subwoofer lays down a beefy bottom end, while the two 4.75" satellite speakers are perfect for adding sonic imaging and detail to cymbals and snares.

Big Rock EZX added

Toontrack has releases the Big Rock Drums EZX, a drum library expansion for EZdrummer 2 featuring all-new drums recorded by engineer Dave Cobb and drummer Michael Miley (Rival Sons). The samples include kits from Mayer Bros., C&C, Gretsch, Ludwig and Camco.


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