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AD2 gets expansion

XLNaudio has released a new ADpak for Addicitive Drums. Fairfax Vol. 2 is a follow-up to the pack launched with AD2, and was recorded at the legendary Los Angeles studio formerly known as Sound City.  Fairfax Vol. 2 features an older, late-60s Gretsch "Round Badge" kit with a rounder and fuller tone.

There is a launch special discount of 33% off.

Verbeuren offers lessons

Toontrack artist Dirk Verbeuren, digitalDrummer’s featured drummer in May 2103, has released a series of training videos.
In the Dirk Blasts Premium Drum Lessons, he shares all of the knowledge he’s acquired in his 20 years as a professional. The lessons are available online with one-year subscription.

Korg launches CLIPHIT

Instrument maker Korg has launched the CLIPHIT, a mini- module with sensor clip technology. The CLIPHIT is an electronic drum kit composed of three clips with sensors, as well as a foot switch. The clips can be attached to almost any surface that can be struck.

The August 2014 edition of digitalDrummer is live, with the most detailed examination of hybrid drumming.

On the gear front, we look at two benchmark hybrid products – Roland’s TM-2 trigger module and Aquarian inHEAD and onHEAD FSR-based trigger heads.

And the featured artist, Jon Farriss, was a hybrid pioneer who was at the absolute bleeding edge of technology when he combined acoustics and electronics to create the distinctive INXS sound.

Michael Schack, one of the modern exponents of hybrid, explains of the art and science.

And there’s the usual mix of product reviews, VST offerings, performance profiles and DIY advice in the latest issue of the world’s only dedicated publication for electronic percussion.



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