Alesis updates DM10 kit

Friday, 9 June 2017 10:05 am

Six years after its launch, Alesis has again updated its DM10 line, with a new DM10 MKII Pro Kit.

Alesis is dubbing the kit “a premium 10-piece electronic drum set with our exclusive Alesis dual-zone mesh drum heads”.

The kit features six drum pads (10/10/12/12” toms, 12” snare with stand, and 8" bass drum), four cymbals (12” hi-hat, two 14” crashes and a 16” three-zone ride) and the heavy-duty quick-lock chrome rack. That configuration is unchanged from the previous version mesh kit, although the mesh heads themselves look different. According to Alesis: "Its tightly woven black mesh heads are not only ultra-quiet but offer great rebound and high triggering accuracy for realistic performances with your DAW or straight into a soundboard.”

The rack has been updated with new clamps so the cross bars never twist.

Another difference is that the rubber rims have been thickened “to give a more formidable and familiar response”.

The big difference from the original DM10 mesh kit is the module – seemingly the same brain used on the lower-priced Crimson, Command and Forge sets, although this version has a new sound set of over 700 instruments.

The module has a built-in sequencer for recording and play-along, as well as a built-in ‘lesson mode’ to help any level of drummer keep their internal clock solid.

The USB port now carries MIDI and audio to the user’s computer.

As with Alesis’s Sample Pad and Sample Rack, the new module allows users to load their own samples onto the module via a USB thumb drive.

A USB drive can also be used to save any onboard recordings, kits, etc.

 The price tag on the kit remains unchanged at $1,600 – although discounting brings the street price close to $1,110.