How I Use E-drums (Jeremy Furstenfeld )

Friday, 11 August 2017 1:54 pm

Blue October drummer Jeremy Furstenfeld uses electronic percussion to expand his playing palette.

I have been the drummer for the multi-platinum Blue October since its beginning. Currently, I am in the studio with Blue October creating our ninth studio album. I am also the drummer and co-founder, co-producer and engineer of a side-project band called Harvard of the South.

I play Yamaha drums exclusively. Currently, I play a Yamaha Custom Maple Absolute Kit on tour and in the studio; sizes are 24x18 kick, 14x10 rack tom, 16x16 floor tom, and 18x16 floor tom. I play a 14x7 Recording Custom stainless steel snare drum for my main snare, and a 14x6 Hybrid Maple snare as a side, or auxiliary snare. I love these drums because they deliver warm beautiful drum tones every time, without a hassle.

The electronic part of my kit includes a Yamaha DTX Multi-12. I use the Multi-12 to play sounds and samples that are actually on our records, sometimes triggering acoustic drums to layer with the samples as well. To trigger my acoustic drums, I use the new Yamaha DT50S on my snare and DT50K on the kick drum. We trigger the recorded sounds through Ableton Live. Through MIDI, we’re able to switch samples and songs as the set list plays through, making it so much easier for me to play sounds we’ve created in the studio that aren't necessarily sounds we can make or play acoustically. In addition to the triggers, I also use the pads built on to the Yamaha DTX Multi-12 and a Yamaha DTX three-zone drum pad, when not needing to layer with the acoustic sound.

At home in my studio, where we recorded the entire Harvard of the South album, (Mousseroom Studios), I use Pro Tools 12 and Universal Audio Apollo 8 to record.

E-drums allow me to expand my playing palette, both live and in the studio. I love to experiment with sounds, creating one out of another. E-drums allow me to play these crazy effected sound scales live. I wouldn't be able to reproduce these effects live without them. Adding pre-recorded samples and sounds to our live show using these percussion pads and triggers has enhanced our sound and overall performance.