Mackie Thumps get makeover

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 9:48 am

Mackie’s Thump Series Powered Loudspeakers, commonly used by e-drummers, have undergone an upgrade and range extension.

The new 13000W Thump Series delivers more power and reliability than ever, plus a host of convenient features like built-in mixers, speaker modes and much more.

Mackie has added two new Thump Boosted models: the 12" Thump12BST and 15" Thump15BST. Equipped with advanced digital mixers, wireless control, streaming, and linking capabilities, Thump Boosted offers more versatility and configuration options than previously available in the range.

The Thump12BST and Thump15BST models have advanced DSP, wireless control, linking, and streaming. They include a built-in three-channel digital mixer that features two digitally controlled Vita+ preamps with Wide-Z technology, three-band EQ per channel with variable high-pass filters on Vita+ inputs and six speaker modes.

The new ‘standard’ Thump12A and Thump15A models feature a built-in two-channel mixer equipped with Vita preamps and Wide-Z technology that can easily handle mics, instruments and line level signals without any additional equipment or adjustments.

The US MSRP pricing is $419.99 for the Thump12A, $489.99 for the Thump15A, $559.99 for the Thump12BST, $699.99 for the Thump15BST, and $879.99 for the Thump18S. Speakers are sold individually.