What do you look for in e-drums?

Monday, 25 September 2017 10:00 am

digitalDrummer and Gibraltar hardware recently conducted a survey into the use of e-drums and here are some of the key findings:

  1. Volume control is one of the main benefits of e-drums, ranked important or very important by 83% of respondents.
  2. The ability to modify sounds (tuning and FX) is a core requirement for 84% of e-drummers.
  3. It seems that acoustic drum sounds are the most important requirement, with less than half of respondents seeing much value in non-acoustic sounds.
  4. 63% of e-drummers feel the need to be able to load their own multi-layer samples on their modules.
  5. Built-in training programmes are not crucial – only 36% see them as important.
  6. Separate outputs for each drum are only moderately important, with 58% seeing them as essential.
  7. Racks dominate stands as the preferred mounting option (77% vs 23%).
  8. Hi-hat control is the weakest link in e-drums, according to 55.5% of players, followed by pad or cymbal feel, which is an issue for 47.7%.
  9. VST usage is still limited, with only 28.8% of respondents using samples.
  10. Wireless hasn’t yet taken off, with 52% of drummers placing no value on eliminating wiring and only 11% seeing it as very important.

… and congratulations to Neil David who wins a special Gibraltar hardware pack for participating in the survey.