SSD5 released

Wednesday, 7 November 2018 2:48 pm

Steven Slate Drums has released SSD5, featuring a dozen new kits as well as enhanced versions of the kits from the previous SSD4 packs.

The new Deluxe 2 drum library has more than 50 new instruments including 10 new kicks, 10 new snares and a few percussion instruments. All the drums are unique and have two stereo room layers each. 

All the kits use a new “physically modelled drum playback algorithm”.

Other key improvements from the previous version include reworked mapping, easier auditioning and the incorporation of a newshaping section where attack and sustain can be easily adjusted.

The new pack is available for $149 and as a limited-time upgrade for current users for $79, rising to $99 in December.

digitalDrumer is currently testing SSD5 and the results will be shared in our January newsletter.