Pearl/Korg line announced

Thursday, 3 May 2018 10:17 am

Pearl will debut a new electronic drum collaboration with Korg at the Summer NAMM Show in June.

The e/MERGE line is an all-new offering, built around the e/MERGE MDL1 module, featuring  “a full library of high definition, natural, organic and minimally processed acoustic Pearl drums”.

The drum pads are said to use the same technology deployed in the Korg Wavedrum, housed in Pearl’s “acoustic-like PUREtouch Electronic Pads”.

According to Pearl, the sample library for the MDL1 was recorded at Music City USA in Nashville, Tennessee. Both current and vintage instruments in a full variety of sizes were chosen and sampled. Samples include the sounds of several “iconic Pearl artists, some specific genres, decades, and historic songs and styles from the past to the present”.

The triggering technology is described as parallel processing of the player’s character and sound, “seamlessly layered with high definition samples of real Pearl acoustic drums to create an end result that is as much a reflection of you as with any acoustic performance”.

According to the companies, the patent-pending PUREtouch Electronic Pads were constructed by Pearl and Korg engineers with six layers of material that work together to create the most natural feel of any electronic pad available.

The PUREtouch Electronic Cymbal range consists of an 18” three-zone ride (bell, bow and edge), 15” two-zone crash (bow and edge), and 14” two-zone hi-hats (bow and edge). The cymbals feature a multi-layer construction encapsulated in rubber with a playing action similar to that of acoustic cymbals, but with a slightly softer feel for controlled sound volume.

Pricing and availability information hasn’t been released, but German retailer drum-tec has a basic kit listed at €3,999, with the larger hybrid kit listed at €4,199.