Alesis updates Nitro

Friday, 29 June 2018 10:04 am

Alesis has used the Summer NAMM show to launch a new Nitro Mesh kit. The Nitro is an eight-piece kit (five drums, three cymbals) with mesh heads on all drums.

It is billed as a kit for “any beginner-to-intermediate drummer looking for a realistic, responsive playing experience in a compact set that’s easy to transport and set up”. 

This kit has an 8” dual-zone mesh snare drum, three 8" mesh toms and a kick drum pad. There are three 10" cymbals, a hi-hat pedal and kick pedal and a durable four-post aluminium rack. 

The Nitro drum module has 385 drum and cymbal sounds arranged in 40 factory kits. It has 60 built-in play-along tracks, a sequencer, metronome and performance recorder. 

“Our new Nitro Mesh kit delivers the amazing playing experience that only mesh heads can deliver,” saysTim Root, director of global percussion products for Alesis. 

The Nitro Mesh Kit wil lbe available this northern Summer at around $350, making it one of the best-priced mesh kits from an established brand. The previous version, with rubber pads, had a recommended retail price of $400, but was available for around $300.