Pearl adds KMI products

Wednesday, 27 June 2018 11:35 am

Pearl Corporation is strengthening relations with Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI), developer of the malletSTATION launched earlier this year.

Pearl has signed a distribution deal with KMI “to grow the availability and awareness of KMI products while expanding KMI’s reach into new markets”.

This new distribution connection between Pearl and KMI will enhance the availability of KMI products and grow Pearl’s increasing footprint in the music instrument landscape.

“Developing malletSTATION gave Pearl a great understanding of just how disruptive KMI’s groundbreaking Smart Fabric Technology can truly be in the musical instrument space,” says Terry West, Pearl Corporation president and CEO. “After reviewing KMI’s current product line, it became evident to us all that Pearl’s reach and marketing abilities could bring added awareness and availability to the KMI brand.”

The KMI product portfolio includes such innovative products as the Bop Pad percussion instrument, K-Mix, QuNeo and QuNexus.

Meanwhile, Pearl continues to expand its electronic drum portfolio with the addition of the e/MERGE kit developed in collaboration with KORG.

Max Iishi, Pearl’s executive vice president, describes the new product lines as “truly ground-breaking”.

“Pearl and KORG together explored the whole area of electronic drums and kept asking one simple question: what is the best that electronic drums can be for drummers?" says KORG director Tomoko Itoh, who adds that e/MERGE is the successful fusion of the clever technologies with the vision and passion of both companies.

The two parties say they spent five years working hand in hand to create the new line.

Based on KORG’s Wave Drum, the new kit uses Pearl’s all new PUREtouch Pad System.

e/MERGE will launch with two configurations that were ergonomically designed to fit a small footprint while delivering real-size components to the player. The stock five-piece configurations come with a Pearl Icon e-Rack that provides extreme flexibility to accommodate various setups and styles.

The e/HYBRID configuration includes 10”, 12” and 14” toms, a 14” snare and an 18” x 12” acoustic bass drum. The e/TRADITIONAL configuration includes the same size components with a traditional bass e/drum pad designed for portability.

Each e/MERGE kit includes a PUREtouch Electronic Cymbal pack consisting of an 18” three-zone ride (bell, bow and edge), 15” two-zone crash (bow and edge), and 14” two-zone hi-hats.