Yamaha updates entry-level kits

Friday, 29 June 2018 10:31 am

Yamaha has revealed its new DTX402 series electronic drum kits – an update from the DTX400 series.

Both kits are powered by the new DTX402 module, which comes with 287 drum and percussion sounds, 128 keyboard sounds, 10 customisable drum kits and nine reverb types.

The module also includes 10 unique built-in training exercises, along with a record function.

The DTX452K features the KP65 kick drum tower and comes with a bass drum pedal. Additionally, it includes the HH65, a more expressive hi-hat pad, as well as a three-zone snare pad for head, rim-shot and cross-stick sounds.

The kit is also expandable by upgrading the snare to an XP pad and adding a second crash via the extra pad input on the bass drum. A PCY95AT cymbal package is available and includes a crash cymbal, arm, clamp and cable.

Yamaha has created the DTX402 Touch app available for both iOS and Android devices. Drummers can use this app to fully customise kits to fit their sound and set-up preferences, as well as to operate training functions and access video tutorials for practice exercises. This is particularly useful since the module has no display.

 The Yamaha DTX402K has a list price of $799.00, while the DTX452K will sell for around $1,049.