Porter & Davies launches ‘budget’ shaker

Wednesday, 1 August 2018 8:32 am

Porter & Davies has launched a new version of its tactile monitoring system. The BC-X is a scaled-back version of their highly sought-after BC2 and BC Gigster.

The new smaller model comes with simplified professional standard features and a reduced price.

Four years in the making, the BC-X has the same quality build, identical response time and many of the same superior components as the BC2 and BC Gigster. It packs a serious punch, despite its diminutive size, according to the makers.
The BC-X features the company’s new TT1 Precision Devices Transducer built into the top of the patented throne. The new transducer allows the BC-X to deliver 75-80% of the power and performance of the BC2 and Gigster systems.

At less than a third of the weight of the BC2 and more than 10% lighter than the BC Gigster, the new engine is highly portable. It is supplied with a comfortable, all vinyl, 13” round throne. Both fit comfortably into a bespoke all-in-one hardcase which is available as an optional extra.

The new unit is priced at £479 plus VAT - £200 cheaper than the next model up.

The Porter & Davies tactile monitoring systems use low-frequency waves to enable drummers to feel and experience their drums, especially the bass drum.

digitalDrummer reviewed tactile monitors in the August 2014 edition.