Alesis boosts Strike kit

Wednesday, 27 November 2019 9:02 am

Alesis has released a new Special Edition version of its Strike Pro kit.

One of the key enhancements is the inclusion of a 20-inch kick drum.

The new Strike Pro Special Edition includes what Alesis describes as “all-new latest-generation mesh heads” on its dual-zone snare and toms. “Their response is faster, more natural and easier-playing than ever before. Drummers will fly over these heads, effortlessly laying down powerful grooves and snapping off crisp fills. These heads won’t fight you; instead, these new Alesis mesh heads are your best ally,” according to the company.

There are also upgrades to the cymbals. The three-zone 16-inch ride cymbal, 14-inch crash and 14-inch movable hi-hat are covered with a new thick comfortable rubber “that creates the perfect blend of feel, control, bounce and volume”.

While no details of changes to the hi-hat controller are spelled out, the Alesis announcement claims “the new hi-hat in particular sets a new e-standard for fast response, solidity and its amazing ability to convey a deft, subtle touch”.

Strike Pro Special Edition’s lugs are attached directly to the shell, exactly like those in acoustic drums, enabling direct adjustment of head tension.

The kit is powered by an updated version of the Strike Pro module which includes over 1,800 drum and percussion instruments arranged into 136 custom kits. (Current Strike owners can add the new sounds through a free firmware update.)

The upgraded kit is available for pre-order at around $2,499 at some US retailers.