New Schack pack

Monday, 23 December 2019 3:29 pm

Roland artist, producer and drum DJ Michael Schack has released a sample pack for the Roland TD-17.

The 17 Michael Schack TD-17 Artist Kits allows TD-17 owners to recreate Schack’s #PushYourDrumming and TD-17 live performances with exclusive live and studio performance kits that can be adapted to many different music genres.

Unlike previous Roland packs, these kits are not just tweaked settings, but also include new embedded samples not previously loaded on the TD-17.

The new pack joins Schack’s TD-25 Artist Kits package and his personal TD-30 Artist Kits and are available for sale on Schack’s website.

Schack has been a key contributor to the sounds of all the recent Roland modules and his personal kits push the modules even further, replicating his personal “in your face” performance style.

The new Schack kits come hot on the heels of an extensive new sample pack from Chris Whitten for the TM-6 Pro, a module on which the two collaborated. digitalDrummer will include a review of Chris Whitten Drums in the February 2020 edition.