Muzzio makes NAMM debut

Wednesday, 6 February 2019 9:19 am

With around 2,000 exhibitors and 2 million square feet of exhibition area, digitalDrummer can be excused for missing a new entrant at this year’s NAMM show.

US drum maker Muzzio Drums made its show debut with a range of products including three full kits and a selection of drum pads and cymbals.

Owner John Muzzio says the turn-out at the stand was fantastic and visitors shared their excitement about “the closest experience to playing an acoustic kit they have ever experienced”.

MD showed off a four-piece Iridium fade kit with the new Radius Active all-metal electronic cymbals. The shell pack has an 18” kick, 10 and 12” toms, 13” snare, 14” hats, 16” crash and 18” ride. The kit was powered by an aD5 module.

The six-piece kit was in Argon finish (natural birch) and had more pads and a 20” three-zone ride.

The show-stopper was a seven-piece kit in Tellurium finish.

The Radius Active cymbals were shown for the first time at NAMM and will be available in about three months.

Currently competing with imports from the likes of Diamond Drums and drum-tec, MD is looking to expand into retail stores and Muzzio says he is “in talks with a few (retailers) we met at the show and others that found out through various channels”.