Book highlights e-drum capabilities

Saturday, 4 May 2019 11:42 am

In this day of Facebook groups, YouTube videos and free online magazines, it is surprising to see a new hard copy book about electronic percussion, but that is exactly what Sebastian Beresford has created.

Bid, as he is known, has just self-published The Art of eDrumming, a 164-page paperback book about electronic drums, starting with a brief history and working all the way through to advanced applications with Ableton Live.

Beresford is a prolific YouTuber, so why the need to publish a book?

There was a specific incident behind it. When Beresford visited Professional Drum Shop on Vine Street in Los Angeles, he asked the owner if he had any books on e-drumming within his huge stock of drum publications – and there was nothing there that showed how you can use the technology.

“With over 30 years’ experience using electronic drums professionally, I felt I not only had the authority but also the obligation in sharing my knowledge to help any inspired drummer become a more complete player in today’s musical landscape,” Beresford tells digitalDrummer.

He believes that today’s drummer not only needs to have the drumming skills but also a good understanding of the technology and its capabilities.

The book is thorough and detailed, moving quickly from e-drum basics like triggering, module set-up and MIDI to the world of VSTs and DAWs – intimidating areas for many ‘plug and play’ e-drummers.

The text is punctuated with QR codes linked to video demonstrations and explanations.

The ‘meaty’ part of the book reflects Beresford’s passion for Ableton Live. There’s a full chapter on this software solution and additional chapters on advanced applications. And to make it a practical learning experience, Bid has even included a sample pack which can be used in some of the examples he details in the book.

Beresford promises that readers will gain “a greater knowledge and better understanding of the possibilities available when combining drumming and technology, regardless of the make and model”.

I can vouch for the learning opportunities in the book. In fact, if starting e-drummers just read the glossary on pages 15 and 16, with explanations of sensitivity, velocity and threshold, we would eliminate more than half of the “how do I …” questions on e-drum forums and social media groups.

The Art of eDrumming is easy to read, interesting and informative, and although Bid’s preferences for Yamaha hardware and Ableton software come through clearly, the insights translate to other equipment and solutions.

 The book is available for purchase online at £19.99 plus shipping.