Top female talent recognised

Monday, 3 June 2019 5:05 am

Raylinne Garcia from the USA and Aletta Dina from the UK have been named winners in the Technology category of the 2019 Hit Like A Girl drumming contest in the under and over 18 categories respectively.

In the under 18 contest, second place went to Ellie Johnson (USA), with fellow American Abbie Schneider third.

Among the over 18s, Canada’s Sophea Sim came second, followed by Jessica Muñiz Collado of the US.

Bash Saaid from Denmark won the special ROLI category.

E-drums are gaining visibility in the Hit Like A Girl (HLAG) contest, with 16 nominees using triggered drums or multipads in their video entries. While this is only 5% of the overall contestant pool, it is growing.

And then there are close to 40 entrants in the dedicated technology categories.

“Not only were there more e-drum entries — including a few of the top videos — some of the acoustic drummers incorporated multi-pads and triggers,” says contest executive director David Levine. “I think this represents the growing use of electronics we're seeing by all drummers.”
The contestants used e-drums in a variety of ways, Levine notes, adding that one of the more advanced players used the MIDI feature on her e-drum kit to trigger expansion sounds from her computer. “Her drum sound was incredible!”

Another contestant used triggers on her acoustic kit and a Korg Koasillator to modify sounds with her foot.

While most entries played to tracks, Levine was a little surprised that none of the drummers was doing any looping.  “I'm sure we'll see some of that next year,” he says.

Levine explains that the Technology category was added for a number of reasons: “First of all, HLAG’s mission is to create more drummers. If we want to convert today's kids into tomorrow's music makers, there's no doubt in my mind that technology is going to play a big part in reaching that goal.

“Secondly, the community of female programmers and producers has been even more under-served than the drumming community. By working with Beats By Girlz to add the Tech category, we were able to shine a light on it.

“Finally, at its essence, drumming is about creating rhythm. Due to the growth of technology, drummers are evolving into beat makers. Drums are a tool, a means to an end, but with technology, there are other ways to get there,” he says.

“Whether it's stick drumming, hand drumming or finger drumming, it's all drumming. That opens up so many new possibilities - for women as well as men.”

 digitalDrummer has been a sponsor of HLAG since its establishment.