Sal D’Amato: How I Use E-drums

Thursday, 27 February 2020 9:00 am

Whether it’s playing live or for recordings, Sal D’Amato finds uses for electronic drums.

I have been drumming in the San Francisco Bay Area since arriving from New York City in 1972. I have played in a variety of bands whose genres ran the gamut of rock, pop, blues, jazz, Latin, fusion, gospel, R&B, dixieland, college stage big band and percussion ensemble.

I have extensive club, road and recording experience, playing on hundreds of recordings to date.I studied with Narada Michael Walden and continue to be a student of the drum set.

My YouTube channel, Rhythmantic, is a popular drum cover tutorial resource for other drummers and fans of drumming and music.

I started playing e-drums in 2008 when I purchased a Roland TD-12 V-Drum kit.

I use e-drums professionally, recording drum tracks in my home studio using drum sample software such as Superior Drummer 3, Addictive Drums 2, Steven Slate Drums 5, Native Instruments Abbey Road 60s Drummer and Studio Drummer.

I am currently involved in worship and praise music and also providing drum tracks for musicians and bands around the world from my home studio.

In church, I play on a converted acoustic drum kit fitted with Jobeky triggers  on the drums and Magnatrack triggers on the cymbals, triggering Superior Drummer 3.

E-drums allow me to record in a small space without having to deal with microphones and outboard gear. The biggest advantage is access to countless drum kit sounds - varying brands and models that have been recorded in different studios which are known for the acoustic qualities of sound of the room.

E-drum equipment:

Roland V-Drums TD-12 pads/cymbals and Bar trigger with TDW-20 module.

Converted Gretsch Catalina Elite drum kit fitted with:

Remo SilentStroke mesh heads: 18" 14" 12" 14"

Pintech rubber rims

Roland RT-30K kick drum trigger

Roland RT-30HR dual-zone snare trigger

ddrum Red Shot triggers (toms)

Roland TD-12 module

Roland VH-11 hi-hat

Roland UM-ONE USB MIDI Interface

DW 5000 kick and hi-hat pedals

Magnatrack triggered Cymbolic  cymbals

16" & 18” crashes, 20" ride, and 13” hi-hat

HC-1 hi-hat controller.

Apogee Ensemble audio interface

Apogee ONE audio interface

Logic Pro X

Toontrack EZMix2

XLN Audio DS-10 Drum Shaper

Headphones: Sonly MDR-7508