Some debut for VAD!

Sunday, 1 March 2020 8:52 am

Roland’s new VAD506 acoustic-style kit got enormous global exposure just a fortnight after its launch, when it formed part of Brian Frasier-Moore’s drum set-up for the Halftime Show during the Super Bowl.

The Halftime Show was watched by 103 million viewers on Fox in the US alone and also broadcast to an audience of millions around the world.

According to Roland, the Super Bowl VAD506 was powered by a TD-50, rather than the usual TD-27. The drum company posted a close-up of the module on social media, with the Super Bowl patch clearly visible.

Pearl also took some credit for Frasier-Moore’s kit, congratulating the drummer on “another amazing Pepsi Halftime Show during the Super Bowl”. It notes that he was using his Masters Maple Complete kit powered by his 14 x 5.5 signature snare drum. “We were also excited to see Shakira performing on our Music City Custom/Maple Gum kit and Masters Maple Complete snare with gold hardware,” Pearl posted on social media.

As for Frasier-Moore, one of the busiest drummers in show business, he shared that he had woken up “grateful for another day on this earth” and “grateful to be able to perform (the halftime show) for the third time in my career”.

For Roland, the exposure would have been a marketing triumph – but one has to wonder if there’s a bit of irony for a kit that looks so acoustic that few people would realise it was electronic – and fewer still would know it was a new Roland kit.