New KAT kit

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 12:56 pm

KAT Percussion has introduced a new electronic drum kit, the KT-200.

Stepping away from its long-standing design look of grey cymbals, white pads and a chrome rack, KAT Percussion has turned to a stealthy black and charcoal combination for this new kit.

The kit is the first KAT set with a mesh snare; in this case, an 11” drum. There are three 9” rubber tom pads, a 14” dual-zone ride, 12” crash and 12” hi-hat. The KT-200 set also features an 11” kick tower and a KT-TBB tennis ball bass pedal beater.

The module comes with 232 built-in, “hyperreal drum sounds featuring French DREAM's sampling technology which utilises digital technology to record the sound of real instruments, rigorously collecting the sound quality of the original drum”.

There’s also a fully customisable sound library editor.

The module also boasts a Coach function combined with a built-in metronome to help any drummer with their accuracy, tempo, timing and speed.

“In the three years since we took over KAT Percussion, we have been focused on expanding the line via the breadth of mallet instruments available, such as the MalletKAT, VibeKAT and JamKAT. But during that time, we knew that we had to never lose sight of the electronic drumming market, and we never did,” says Dave Cywinski, sales manager for drums and percussion at Hal Leonard. “That’s why we are so thrilled to announce the release of the KAT KT-200. We feel that, dollar for dollar, the KT-200 is the premier choice in its category, whether you are playing live on stage, recording at the studio or practising at home.”

The KT-200 retails for US$649.99.