KAT’s new module

Monday, 22 June 2020 5:39 pm

Alternate Mode has launched a new module to replace the Kurzweil-supplied gigKAT sound engine. The gigKAT is primarily aimed at the company’s tuned percussion instruments like the malletKAT, but is also compatible with drumKAT and jamKAT trigger units.

The gigKAT 2 is a compact, lightweight module designed for direct connectivity, featuring USB or MIDI inputs and mono/stereo outputs.

It contains over 4 GB of high quality, multi-sampled, multi-layered digital sounds spanning tuned percussion and drum kits.

The gigKAT 2 is capable of streaming 256 voice, multi-timbre polyphony over 16 MIDI channels.

Preset malletKAT User Kits are available for download on the Alternate Mode website, and will also be available in the upcoming malletKAT 8.5 firmware chip.

According to Alternate Mode founder Mario DeCuitiis, the gigKAT 2 was developed with a specific focus on chromatic percussion. “It is a 4 Gb collection of multi-layered digital samples - over 16 times that of its predecessor - that contains multiple choices of vibraphones, marimbas, and timpani, along with orchestral chimes, bells, xylophones, celeste, crotales and concert percussion as well at Latin percussion and drum sets.

“Of course, it also contains a great-sounding assortment of non-percussion instruments, including guitars, basses, pianos, organs, brass and wind instruments, etc,” he says.

The new module is available online for $579.