Rubow publishes e-drum book

Tuesday, 15 September 2020 1:17 pm

German e-drum innovator Oli Rubow, profiled in digitalDrummer in 2010, has published a book titled Echo Drums, focusing on the use of stomp boxes.

Rubow, a self-confessed “addict of electronic rhythm devices, but also a drummer that loves to play with echo machines for more than 20 years”, says the book is about the use of FX, mostly delay.
“It’s about reconstructing typical/musical ideas of the studio live on stage, about operating beyond the manual, beyond the typical drum cliches,” he tells digitalDrummer.

Unfortunately for many of us, the book is currently only available in German – but that may change, with a possibility of a future translation into English.

To provide a feel for the content, Rubow has suggested the following links:

1. Roland trigger pickup directly in the echo pedal:

2. Tapping the delay tempo with an e-pad: and

3. Trap snares on the Roland SPD:One plus Delay:

To mark the publication, Rubow has also printed a postcard with “the most important button of an echo device for drummers: the tap tempo option”.

A couple of lucky digitalDrummer readers can get one of these by shooting us an email with your name, address and favourite audio effect.