How I use E-drums

Tom Wheeler is a Bristol, UK-based drummer/producer currently working with Dr Meaker, Paragon and Laurent John. He explains how e-drums have helped unleash his creativity.

Strike starts shipping

Alesis has started filling back-orders and placing kits in retail stores as it ramps up manufacture of its Strike Pro electronic drum kit, as Allan Leibowitz reports.

“We've been shipping in the States since March,” says Alesis drums head Tim Root. “And everything we have shipped has been sold, so dealers are reordering. We've got way more orders than (we can meet) right now.”

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Roland adds pads

Roland has released a new product line for the hybrid market. The SPD::ONE series consists of four single-zone percussion pads that can be played with drumsticks, hands or feet.

The four models in the SPD::ONE series run on batteries or AC power.

The SPD::ONE ELECTRO is equipped with a variety of electronic percussion sounds, including snare and handclaps from Roland's TR drum machines. The SPD::ONE PERCUSSION comes with a wide selection of acoustic percussion sounds, from shaker and tambourine to gong and timpani. The SPD::ONE KICK offers sounds optimised for triggering by foot, including bass drums, stomp boxes, percussion, and more. Each of these models comes with built-in effects, and offers the ability to import user .wav samples up to five seconds long via USB.