Travis Barker sells his e-kits

Fancy an e-drum kit previously owned by Travis Barker? Well, you’re probably too late.
The blink-182 drummer put part of his drum collection up for sale on Reverb, including some of his e-kits.
Barker is parting with more than 100 pieces of music gear through a dedicated shop on the online platform.
Quick to go were the top listings including the $25,000 OCDP ‘Evel Knievel’ kit featured in the Adam’s Song music video.
The inventory included six electronic drum kits, which Barker used on his first solo album, Give the Drummer Some. “I didn’t know how to program or sequence yet, so everything on that album was played with just a ton of loops on these electronic kits,” he says.
“I also liked touring with these and putting them in my dressing rooms. I would sit back and practise for hours before I’d actually go out on stage. I still use some of these drum kits to this day — I just had multiples, so that’s why I’m offering them to you guys.”
The e-drum kits were snapped up quickly. Barker had listed a 2box DrumIt Five ($1,800), a few Yamaha DTX 900 kits ($2,300), a Roland TD-30 ($1,800) and an Alesis DM10 ($800), as well as various trigger pads and processors.
Barker joins a growing number of artists who have partnered with Reverb to get music gear from their personal collections into the hands of fans. Earlier this year, blink-182 bandmates Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge also sold gear through their own Reverb shops.