Sweetwater opens Mega Music Store

Sweetwater, a former winner of and regular finalist in the digitalDrummer e-drum retailer of the year award, has opened its new megastore in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The retail space spans over 44,000 square feet, and includes an extensive collection of e-drum equipment from manufacturers like Roland, Yamaha and Alesis.
The display stock includes Roland’s flagship VAD706 kit – the only floor stock in the US – alongside a TD-27KV. There’s also a Strike Pro SE from Alesis, as well as the mid-range Command Mesh and DM10 Pro kits and a Yamaha DTX452K.
“We are honoured to be able to present this experience to continue to enrich our music communities, both near and far,” says Chuck Surack, CEO and founder of Sweetwater. “We have always been a business dedicated to building community. Our goal is to bridge stronger connections between musicians and offer our customers a new central destination where they can experience exactly what Sweetwater is.”
Over 10,000 different items representing more than 1,000 manufacturers are featured in the new space, with thousands of the latest items across all product categories available in spacious showrooms, from audio technology to pro equipment and instruments.
“The music industry is all about connecting, and while we will always be an e-commerce business, we want to ensure our experiences online, and offline in our store, are unmatched,” Surack adds.