GEWA launches mid-range kit

German e-drum manufacturer GEWA has released details of its new mid-range kit, the G5 Pro BS.

The biggest change from the G9 is the new G5 module which loses the large touch screen and gets a bunch of knobs and dials in its place.

The G5 module also sacrifices some of the direct outs of the G9, sporting four direct and two stereo master outs.

The new module, which looks like it has the same samples and kits and the flagship brain, is paired with an 18×14” acoustic-style kick drum, three toms (10”, 12” and 14”) and a 14×5” snare.

The kit also includes the 14” hi-hat, 18” three-zone ride and two 14” crashes from the G9.

The drums are attached to a GEWA acoustic-style hardware pack, as opposed to a rack.

The kit will be available in August, with GEWA dealers ready to take pre-orders.


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