VAD adds entry-level

Roland has extended its acoustic design kit range at the entry level, with the launch of the

VAD103 kit.

In essence, this is a VAD306 kit with a lower-spec module – the TD-07 instead of the TD-17.

Like the VAD306, the kit features an 18” KD-180L-BK kick drum with KD-10-style trigger pad, a 12” dual-zone snare pad, 10” rack tom pad and 12” floor tom pad. The pads are the shallow-shell, single-headed variety, as opposed to the full acoustic-style drums of the 5 and  7 series VAD kits.

The cymbal line-up consists of a VH-10 hi-hat, 13” ride and 12” crash.

The regular V-drums rack is replaced with double-braced cymbal and cymbal/tom combination stands.

The TD-07 module boasts 25 preset kits, 25 user kits and 143 instruments. It has onboard sound editing and integrated Bluetooth for wirelessly streaming sound from phones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices and to send MIDI data to music apps.

The module has built-in training tools including a metronome and Coach function, but no onboard recording; instead, Roland recommends computer recording via USB.

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