How I use e-drums: Lisa Chepkovskaya

Russian drummer Lisa Chepkovskaya was named drumset champion (18-39 age group) in the 2020 Hit Like a Girl contest. She explains how she uses e-drums in her performances.

I am currently working as a session drummer. This is a new part of my music career, because until recently, I was mostly writing my own music in different bands with friends.

I am also writing my own material and getting ready to release it soon.

I started using electronic drum equipment early on. My second kit was a Roland TD-4KX. I have used that for some time mainly as a practice tool.

When Roland released the SPD-SX, I bought it almost immediately. The possibilities it brought were so huge. Initially, I started using it for playing all the electronic parts of my songs as well as second guitar tracks and additional synths. I also experimented with adding electronic drum pads from my old Roland kit.

Eventually, my band switched to playing electronic pop and I started adding Roland triggers, specifically an RT-30K for the kick and an RT-30HR for the snare drum.

I love how easy it is to change your sound with the use of electronic elements like triggers and electronic drum pads. Now, every band can translate recorded material not only in full detail, but also convert it to sound however they want.

Electronic drums have opened the possibility to play my own music, which is mostly made of synths and electronic sounds. Also, adding the Roland SPD-SX to my drum set influenced my playing in a big way. It affected my timing, precision and my role in the bands in which I play.

I have experimented a lot with the electronics I have, but what is mind-blowing for me is that there are still so many things I haven’t tried. I am currently learning how to use Ableton with the SPD-SX and MIDI mapping.


Acoustic kit:

DW Collector’s Series

22’’ kick

14’’ floor tom

13’’ Tama Starclassic snare

14’’ Paiste 2002 Medium Hi-Hat

10’’ Paiste 2002 Splash

17’’ Paiste 2002 Power Crash

18’’ Paiste 2002 Medium Crash

20’’ Paiste 2002 Ride



Roland TD-4KX

Roland SPD-SX

Roland RT-30K trigger

Roland RT-30HR triggers

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