Efnote 7 revealed

Japan’s Efnote has released some information about its new flagship kit, the Efnote 7.

The major difference from the Efnote 5 is the full-size pads and cymbals in the kit, which features a 20 x 15″ kick drum, 14 x 5.5″ snare drum, an 11 x 8″ hanging tom and a 15 x 15″ floor tom. Many will question the non-traditional tom sizes.

The cymbals have also been supersized, with the inclusion of a 20″ ride cymbal, alongside the 14” two-piece hi-hat and 16” crash.

The Efnote 7 module looks like a minor tweak of the Efnote 5 brain. Indeed, it weighs exactly the same and has the same dimensions, so the only differences are internal. On paper, the only changes we can see are an increase in the number of included kits (20 – up from 17) and a minor change to the FX (eight types of “ambience effect” on the 7, instead of eight types of “reverb” on the 5).

There’s no word yet on pricing or availability.


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