Upgraded Shifter for Zendrum

Zendrum Studio, the manufacturer of accessories for the Zendrum MIDI trigger instrument, has unveiled its latest offering, the ZDS Shifter Pro.

Replacing the merge (power) brick, the standard Shifter also does away with the need for MIDI/USB converters.

While the original Shifter included two footswitches which could send CC control messages to computers,  the Shifter Pro adds new features such as TRS jacks for attaching external triggers, expression and hi-hat pedals.

According to its developer, the Shifter Pro combines five products in one, functioning as a

USB MIDI device, a Zendrum power supply, three CC footswitches, a trigger interface capable of handling two dual-zone triggers or four mono triggers, and a MIDI filter, supporting up to 470 “shift” rules.