Toontrack goes dark

The Toontrack rock onslaught continues with the release of the Into the Dark EZX expansion for EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3.
Like the Fields of Rock SDX reviewed in our November edition, this sample pack is also a collaboration between producer/engineer/mixer Tom Dalgety and Iggy Pop drummer Mat Hector.
The blurb claims this pack is designed for “any production that calls for an extra bit of that grisly, ghastly and raw tint of dark rock, post-punk and goth”.
The Into the Dark EZX comes with three full drum kits as well as a bespoke set of cymbals and extra instruments derived from the Fields of Rock SDX.
The Goth kit is a 1980s Sonorlie, the Futuristic kit is a 1980s Staccato Fibreglass kit, and the Godfather kit is a ‘70s Ludwig Hollywood set.
The kits come with multiple Dalgety presets.