GEWA releases G5 pad kit

GEWA has released a pad-based version of its G5 kit.
Instead of full-size shells, the new G5 Studio 5 is available as a five-piece kit with a 12” dual-zone snare, two 10” tom pads, a 12” tom and a 10” kick pad.
The cymbal array consists of two 14” crashes, an 18” ride, and a 14” hi-hat. All cymbals, including the hi-hat, offer three playing zones, are 360° playable and can be choked.
The kit is powered by the GEWA G5 module, boasting more than 900 sounds.
The move away from full-size shells has allowed GEWA to price its entry-level kit more competitively, with a recommended price of €2,890, about €1,000 cheaper than the G5 Pro BS set.

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