Readers’ Choice Awards tally starts

Voting has now closed in our annual Readers’ Choice Awards. The winners will be announced in a couple of weeks, in the February edition of digitalDrummer.
The survey responses have indicated a few subtle shifts in our reader base. For example, our audience is far more international than a year ago. For some time, North America has accounted for 55% of our audience, with the UK and Europe together accounting for 25%. This year, we have attracted far more readers in Europe (36%) and the UK (18.5%), with America and Canada dropping to just over 40%.
We have also seen a surge of pro drummers among our readers – with professionals now accounting for almost 35%. Just under 60% of our readers are amateur drummers, while educators are the third-biggest group – 6%.
There were a number of valuable observations and some useful feedback on our publishing operations.
Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement and comments suggesting digitalDrummer is a “must read” and requests for “more of the same”.
Interestingly, many of the features requested by readers can already be found, and we would urge you to look at our back issues for coverage of vintage and historic instruments, profiles of e-drum pioneers. And if you’re missing our newsletters or online quarterly magazines, make sure you sign up here.
Thanks again to everyone who took the time to vote.

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