Drums as speakers

Here’s a product line which turns the idea of electrifying acoustic drums on its head: SubDrum Industries has launched a new line of audio subwoofers, speakers and sound systems produced from actual acoustic drum components.

The drums/speakers are the brainchild of Florida drummer, audiophile, electronic technician and entrepreneur Larry Moroni who joined forces with audio engineer John Hulland to turn his idea into a product range.

In January 2022, SubDrum filed two US patents for its “flotation mount” technology. This mounting prevents unwanted speaker frame resonances from transmitting to the drum shell “cabinet”. The result, according to SubDrum, is “pure, unadulterated sound, free from cabinet distortions and unwanted resonances”.

The drum cabinets are fitted with high-end speaker drivers from companies like JBL and Infinity.

While the initial focus is on home audio systems using bass drums as a coffee table subwoofer and toms as mid-range speakers, the next step will be sound systems for studio or club applications.

A company spokeswoman tells digitalDrummer that SubDrum will be targeting e-drummers to use its speakers “as a powered monitor system for studios and smaller venues”.

“The fact that SubDrums are produced from acoustic drums allows them to perfectly replicate percussion sounds,” she explains.

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