Efnote 7 goes on sale

The much-anticipated new Efnote flagship, the Efnote 7, is now available in the US.

The kit features larger acoustic shells than the Efnote 5, with a 20×15″ kick, 14” three-zone snare, 15×15” floor tom, and 11×8″ rack tom. The non-standard tom sizes have raised a few eyebrows since they were first flagged, but the Japanese e-drum maker has stuck to its guns, insisting the ratio “was precisely designed to create synergy between sound, sight and feel”.

The kit boasts the world’s first 20” ride cymbal, along with a 16” crash and 14” two-piece hi-hats.

The kit is powered by an Efnote 7 module, which is hard to differentiate from the Efnote 5 brain. The specs show one difference – three additional preset kits (20, rather than the 17 on the Efnote 5).

Aside from the additional kits, the module has the same number of inputs and outputs, the same FX options, onboard recording functions and trigger engine.

The new module also has an eight-channel USB audio out and 16-channel USB MIDI, as well as Bluetooth audio I/O.

The new kit is expected to have a street price of $3,999 – $1,500 more than the comparable Efnote 5 kit.