Pearl adds e-cajon

Pearl has recognised what Roland saw a few years back – the growth of the cajon as a “go-to percussion instrument in many acoustic settings”. The company has launched a new electric cajon, dubbed the Willie Seymour Sparks.

The instrument boasts a body constructed with 11 mm thick Shorea plywood and features a ¼” jack on the back. The front faceplate is made with 3 mm thick meranti with a piezo trigger. Meranti is a wood known for its relative hardness and straight grain, making it ideal for cajons.

The cajon features a patented, built-in rear bass port that magnifies the massive low-end of the cajon, and two sets of fixed snare wires provide
a crisp snare response.

The faceplate of Willie Seymour Sparks cajon features a stylistic graphic that is a nod to the early days of electricity.

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