Upgrades from Roland

The folks at Roland have certainly been busy, as we see from the latest updates and upgrades.

The Japanese e-drum giant has released details of its new V2 kits in the TD-17 and TD-27 lines, as well as upgrades to the VAD line.

The biggest change is the roll-out of the VD-14D digital hi-hat which now becomes standard across the TD-27 and VAD 5 lines.

To maximise the playability of the kits, Roland will also release free module updates for the TD-17 and TD-27 with new sounds, pad settings and additional FX parameters and features. These will be available free from the Roland Cloud website.

Other changes include the replacement of the cymbals on the TD-17 with new thin 12” and 14” ones and the inclusion of thin cymbals as standard across the TD-27 series.

There’s also a hardware update, with the VAD 3 and VAD 5 series getting the hardware stands previously only found in the 7 series kits.

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