New kits from Simmons

Simmons has added two new sub-$500 mesh kits, the Titan 50 and the Titan 20.

The Titan 50 kit boasts a 10” dual-zone mesh snare featuring a low-rim profile combined with high-speed triggering to provide enhanced playability and accurate rimshot detection. The kit also comes with three 8” mesh toms and three 10” cymbals—hi-hat, ride and crash with choke.

A 6” kick pad connects to the included kick pedal, or players can use their own, including double-kick pedals.

The kit is housed on a full-sized four-post rack.

The Titan 50 also includes an all-new library of drum kits, recorded at a major studio, with sounds based on top-selling albums, including full-length toms and crashes with stereo room ambience, along with advanced V.A.R. (Variable Attack Response) technology providing expressive dynamics and realistic performance.

The module has 187 drum sounds, 25 factory preset kits and 10 user drum kits along with three preset and seven user songs, and players can replace the factory sounds with custom sets from the Simmons Signature sound library, including from the downloadable Titan 50 Sound Packs.

Bluetooth MIDI control allows editing of the module using the Simmons app and working with compatible music/drum apps, and Bluetooth Audio allows you to play along with videos and music.

Simmons Titan 50 has a sticker price of $449, but was launched with a sale price of $379.

The Titan 20 offers many of the same features as the Titan 50, but at a lower pricepoint achieved by shrinking some of the pads. There’s an 8” dual-zone snare with rimshot detection as well as different kick and hi-hat pedal constructions.

The module is also somewhat scaled back, with 103 drum sounds, 10 factory preset kits and one user kit, three preset songs and one user song.

The Titan 20 was launched at a discounted price of $300, but the list price is $330.