Sensory Percussion upgraded with Evans

digitalDrummer’s August 2017 review of Sensory Percussion dubbed the system “a game-changer that will extend your musical palette as far as you can imagine”.

Since then, we have watched the developers tweak the hardware, update the software and add heaps of sample content as the instrument matured and gained an almost cult-like following.

So, it’s no surprise that the independent instrument launched via Kickstarter would attract the attention of the drum instrument mainstream.

Shipping will begin in 2023 of a new collaboration between Sunhouse and drum accessories manufacturer Evans – the Evans Hybrid Sensory Percussion Sound System.

The system consists of three redesigned Sensory Percussion sensors, a new Evans i/o interface and upgraded and enhanced Sensory Percussion software, as well as the cables needed to hook it all up.

The sensors have graduated from the initial 3D prints to a new tough composite construction for maximum durability. The design has also been tweaked for a universal (as far as possible) fit for all drums.

The launch of new sensors doesn’t mean you need to throw away your old ones – the system is fully compatible with the previous generation, with two phantom-power XLR inputs on the interface.

The new Evans Portal Audio Interface is the accessory company’s contribution. It takes the form of a custom audio interface designed especially for the SP sensors, with additional inputs for recording. Of course, Evans isn’t the first head maker to realise that there’s a market for drum amplifications products, with Sabian introducing its Sound Kit drum mic and mixer kit a while ago. But the Evans version is especially optimised for Sensory Percussion, with seven sensor inputs, two combo mic/line/hi-z inputs, two aux line inputs and an on-board mic. The interface also has 16 outputs – a mix of TRS, MIDI, ADAT and USB.

The last component of the system is the software which includes a new drummer-friendly workflow, a new GUI and an all-new Sound Pack Library.

The new system will ship in 2023, and existing customers have already been informed and offered pre-sale discounts on the $1,500 launch price. Additional sensors will also be available, but the software and interface will not be sold separately.

Watch this space for a full review and shipping details.