Kit just for kids

Europe’s biggest music retailer, Thomann, has released what is believed to be the first e-drum kit for children – the Millenium Rookie E-Drum Children Set.

According to the company, “no other instrument can so perfectly combine the natural urge to move and the development of musicality and sense of rhythm”.

What makes it a kids’ kit? For one thing, it’s the sizes of the drums, cymbals and rack. The kit consists of a 7” mesh snare pad, three 7” tom pads, three 8” cymbal pads (ride, crash and hi-hat) and a one-piece kick pedal.

The module is very basic, with little risk of messing up the settings as there aren’t many to change. You won’t find any way of adjusting trigger settings – the system is totally plug and play.

There are 12 preset kits and 68 instrument sounds, together with a built-in metronome.

There are no onboard training or recording tools and no Bluetooth, but the module does have an Aux In connection for play-alongs.

Millenium also includes headphones and a stool in the package which is covered by an impressive three-year warranty. And all that for less than €200.

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