New Toontrack SDX

Toontrack has released a new expansion pack for its Superior Drummer 3 sampler.

The Stockholm SDX is inspired by Sweden’s extensive music exports.

The samples were recorded at Riksmixningsverket (RMV) Studio. Housed in a 150-year-old naval warehouse and situated right on the water at the inlet of the river, this is one of the gems of the central Stockholm studio scene.

In all, five kits were recorded – each handpicked to complement the others and to serve its own role in what the team set out to capture: a unique palette of beautifully singing drums covering the entire spectrum of tones – from warm, earthy and genuinely sparse to bright, loud and vibrantly forceful.

The kits include 12 snares, nine kicks and three sets of cymbals.

In addition to the drums, a basic set of grooves performed by sampling drummer Josephine Forsman (known from the Swedish band Sahara Hotnights) as well as a broad selection of presets designed by session engineer Linn Fijal and by the Toontrack sound design team are provided.

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