New module from KAT

Alternate Mode has released a new sound module, the gigKAT GS EXT. Designed to be triggered by the company’s popular malletKAT controllers, the module replaces the gigKAT GS.

The new module features an extensive percussion library including Latin, world percussion, Asian and Middle Eastern percussion as well as an Orchestral Chromatic Percussion Library.

Of course, there are also large numbers of vibraphones, marimba and steel pan samples, together with guitars, keys, basses, leads and drums.

Performance enhancements include a 7 dB increase in output and significantly improved dynamic range.

The module has balanced TRS ¼” outputs and a ¼” headphone output jack.

malletKAT owners will need to install a new GS9.5 firmware chip which is included for free, while the module can also be paired with a trapKAT, Zendrum or some of the other multipads on the market – but only if the controller is able to send bank change commands.

The gigKAT GS EXT is available now for an introductory price of $899.