MPS-750 gets shell upgrade

Germany’s Thomann has released a new e-drum kit combining the shells of its flagship Millenium MPS-1000 with the module of the MPS-750.

The new MPS-750X Pro e-drum set boasts real wood shells and a complete hardware set, giving it the look of an acoustic drum kit.

The stock configuration standard includes an 18×14″ bass drum; 10×6″, 12×6″ and 14×14″ toms; and a 13×5.5″ snare in a Black Sparkle finish.

The cymbal pack consists of a 13″ dual-zone hi-hat pad with controller, a 15″ dual-zone crash pad with choke, and an 18″ triple-zone ride with choke.

The MPS-750 module has close to 700 sounds, including acoustic drums, electronic sounds and percussion instruments, arranged in 20 kits, with another 20 user kit slots available. Onboard editing includes an equalizer, reverb and effects.

The module offers 55 songs to drum along to, while users can also stream songs wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The new MPS-750X Pro sells for €798 – €200 less than the MPS-1000.

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