Yamaha adds finger e-drums

Yamaha has entered the burgeoning electronic finger drumming market with its first-ever line-up of Finger Drum Pads.

The new FGDP Series finger drums, the FGDP-30 and FGDP-50, are portable, ergonomically designed and packed with a wide array of professional grade sounds.

Engineered to be played anywhere, at any time, the FGDP Series comes in a lightweight package equipped with preset sounds and a long-lasting battery for easy, fun music-making on the go. The finger drums feature a unique, streamlined pad layout for ease of use, in addition to a velocity switch and polyphonic aftertouch sensor, allowing players to incorporate dynamic drumming techniques such as ghost notes and high-speed rolls into any performance.

“Our goal with the FGDP Series is to introduce a new kind of way for our customers to create music whether they are passionate finger drummers, aspiring musicians, or new to the world of music making,” says Matt Rudin, drums product marketing manager at Yamaha Corporation of America. “With the FGDP-30 and FGDP-50, players can expect a versatile music machine that fuses years of Yamaha’s cutting-edge synthesizers and drums technology into a single compact instrument.”

The FGDP-50 boasts 1,500 onboard sounds, which can be tweaked and refined through tuning, decay, and the application of effects, while the FGDP-30 has 1,212 sounds.

The FGDP Series are available for preorder, priced at $199 for the FGDP-30 and $299 for the FGDP-50.

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