Alesis adds Nitro Max kit

Alesis has unveiled a new Nitro Max kit, an eight-piece kit featuring new mesh pads and BFD samples.

The Nitro Max kit has a 10” dual-zone mesh snare drum, three 8” mesh toms and a kick drum tower. There are three 10” cymbals, a custom-designed Alesis hi-hat pedal and kick pedal, and a four-post aluminium rack.

The kit is powered by a Nitro Max drum module, which has 440 drum and percussion sounds, 40 drum kits, and 60 built-in play-along tracks. This set-up also has Bluetooth to connect a smartphone or tablet for instant practice and accompaniment.

Buyers additionally get three months of access to Drumeo, the world’s biggest online drum education platform, as well as one month of interactive learning with the Melodics visual app.

“The Nitro Mesh Kit has proved widely popular around the world,” says director of product management John Boudreau. “The Alesis mesh drumheads changed the game — with a winning combination of playability and quietness in the home. With the Nitro Max, we’ve kept everything people love about the Mesh and really enhanced the sounds, added easy play-along from streaming services via Bluetooth, and tons of extra value in the form of premium offerings from Drumeo, Melodics, and the newly launched BFD Player. It’s a great value package that we’re extremely proud of.”

The Nitro Max kit is now available for $399.

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