XLN’s new product revealed

Sweden’s XLN Audio has been teasing about the launch of a new product, and many were hoping to see a new version of Addictive Drums.

Well. The cat is out of the bag, and the new offering is something totally different – an iOS- and Android-compatible app that enables users to record anything using their phone, instantly making it available in the new Life by XLN Audio plugin.

The Life DAW Recorder enables recording in high fidelity from a DAW, utilising any instrument, microphone or outboard gear which is connected.

Users can also import audio or video directly from their phone or computer, creating beats from selected moments.

“The Life By XLN Audio plugin is the heart where all the beat making takes place.
Select a recording and Life by XLN Audio automatically generates beats,” the company explains.

Users can tweak their beat using features like Sound Variation and Pattern Variation, or go even deeper into the details, editing Slice Points, FX or the sequencers.

Life by XLN Audio’s easy-to-use workflow is made possible using Machine Learning models, powering features such as Beat and Sound Variations as well as Density, Syncopation and Symmetry controls.

The new software is available for download for a launch price of $109, which will revert to $149.