digitalDrummer monster kits on show

Roland Australia is sharing the reader kits featured in digitalDrummer in the company’s latest How To guide.

Roland’s product expert, Simon Ayton, has posted a blog titled “Build Your Dream Kit!” in which he showcases his own “Frankenstein” kit built from off-the-shelf V-Drums components.

The kit boasts two TD-50X modules, 20″ and 22″ kick drums, nine drum pads, four aux triggers and an assortment of e-cymbals.

The kit, he says, “is designed to inspire and encourage you to dream big and create your ultimate kit!”

While sharing a number of larger kits associated with iconic drummers like Neil Peart and Thomas Lang, the post also includes a link to the new digitalDrummer Monster Kit compilation – a collection of all the monster kits featured in the magazine since its founding in 2010.

“Our Monster Kit feature is hugely popular and we’re happy to be able to share every single one published to date in this new eBook that will initially be available for free,” says digitalDrummer editor Allan Leibowitz.

To read the Roland feature and grab the discount code for the free download, click here.