ddrum5 confirmed

ddrum has confirmed the imminent release of a new drum module, the ddrum5, developed in collaboration with Bengt Lilja.

Lilja contributed greatly to the development of the ddrum4 in the early 90s and, more recently, created the 2box brand.

The new module, seen at NAMM, appears to be a modified version of the latest DrumIt3 module with custom sounds.

“More than just an upgrade on previous models, the ddrum5 will be a completely new system leveraging cutting-edge technology and production techniques to provide next-level experience when it comes to audio performance, sample dumps, and playback features,” ddrum says in a statement.

“This renewed collaborative promises to bring a versatile, feature-rich ddrum5 electronic drum system to continue the brand’s industry lead in digital drumming.”

In May 2022, former ddrum CEO Evan Rubinson flagged the new module which he said aimed to “embrace ddrum’s full potential across the acoustic and electronic drum categories.

“We have been working on a module to succeed the ddrum 4SE which was, and still is, one of the most famous and widely used modules in the world,” he said, adding the new version will be “bigger, better, superior in every way”.

“To develop a truly remarkable module that has the capability to outdo the 4SE – which is largely considered to still be the market leader 20 years later – takes immense time and effort to perfect. This is a key focus of ours currently and I think everyone will be very impressed when we are finally ready to unveil it,” Rubinson said.

There are no details about a release date or pricing for the new module.