Simmons pads revived

Former Simmons Drums engineer Martin Wheetman has teamed up with a couple of former colleagues to revive the iconic ‘80s drum brand.

Wheetman recently released a range of SDSV piezo pads, using the same methods employed back in the ‘80s.

“Dave Simmons has been consulting on the project along with other Simmons veterans from the SDSV era,” Wheetman tells digitalDrummer. “Colin Schofield has been doing a fantastic job putting the pads together.”

The pads are available in two versions –the original “wrist-breaker” polycarbonate playing surface or a rubber surface.

The new pads offer a variety of connection options, including XLR, ¼” jacks, and a combination of the two.

There are also a variety of colours – black and white for the polycarbonates; black, white, red or yellow for the rubber models.

The new venture has distribution in the UK, while former Simmons German head Sibi Siebert is supplying the pads through Europe via his Sky Music Distribution business.

While there is currently only limited stock of the pads, Wheetman says volumes will ramp up. And he hints more products are on the drawing board: “The pads are only part of the story!”